123swap and Polygon

123swap and Polygon


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What is a polygon?

123 The mission of swap is to build a next-generation financial ecosystem using blockchain technology.

Main Subject

Polygons unfold a pre-defined blockchain network with a single click. Polygons are a protocol and framework for building and connecting to Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. It has a scalable module for creating customized networks. It provides Ethereum and other blockchain networks with interoperability standards for exchanging any message. It features a secure architecture with customized modules that allow current blockchain networks to communicate with each other.

How did Polygon change the game?

On the other hand, Polygon is a protocol and architecture for building and linking blockchain networks suitable for Ethereum. The purpose of the Polygon is to bring together adaptable Ethereum solutions and promote a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.

Primary Polygon Goals

The 123swap platform is a decentralized financial ecosystem that enables the smooth peer-to-peer exchange of crypto assets. Simple, transparent, convenient exchange, income, and investment management options are all offered without an intermediary. The platform aims to make the crypto trading mechanism as straightforward as possible while minimizing slippage.

About 123swap

Unlike some other platforms, chains within the polygon ecosystem system do not need to use their security as a service layer. They can communicate with each other via any message passing function. It means that developers can develop truly interoperable, decentralized applications at scale that can take advantage of different features of different chains.
The main goal of Polygon is to build a “blockchain Internet” or Ethereum-compatible blockchain multi-chain ecosystem. To achieve this, the developers are trying to provide an easy-to-understand platform that allows them to create their Ethereum-compatible blockchain with just one click. Polygon proposes a system that removes the technological and ideological barriers in many blockchains today by allowing various blockchains to exchange currency and information freely and quickly.

  • NFT minting
  • Swap
  • Staking
  • Yield Pharming
  • The cross-chain value exchange mechanism allows the platform’s users to trade directly from peer to peer in any chain.

The 123swap has collaborated with many upgrading projects and will soon be collaborating with many other projects. Polygon is one of the projects that 123swap is currently working on.


Ethereum is the most popular blockchain development platform. Still, it has many serious drawbacks, including low throughput, low user experience (delayed finality of gas and PoW), lack of sovereignty (shared risk of throughput/clogging, uncustomizable technology stack, and dependency on governance). Many projects are turning to Ethereum-compatible blockchains to take advantage of Ethereum’s growing ecosystem while avoiding these issues. However, there is no specific infrastructure for creating such a blockchain or mechanism for connecting a blockchain. So there are considerable challenges in development, and the ecosystem is fragmented.
Polygons are protocols and architectures for building and linking Ethereum-compatible Blockchain networks. Bring together scalable Ethereum solutions to support the multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.
The 123swap has improved the way cryptocurrency is exchanged and has simplified the end-user process by solving complex interfaces, hidden fees, and time-consuming registration procedures.
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Polygon greatly expands the purpose and scope of the original Matic Network project. It offers developers a variety of tools to create high-performance blockchain and distributed apps (DApps) with super scaling.

123swap is a decentralized financial platform that enables seamless peer-to-peer exchange of crypto assets. It does not require a third-party organization and offers a transparent and convenient business, revenue, and investment management medium. With just the 123swap platform, you can enjoy a variety of DeFi solutions, including swapping, holding, sending, receiving, earning, cryptography, and NFT investments across multiple chains.
The 123swap platform offers various DeFi options for Blockchain assets that span multiple chains.
Matic Network is the only scaling solution on the market that supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), allowing linked chains to maintain interoperability with the Ethereum main chain while maintaining self-sovereign security.
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