25 years SMS – What a message

Will RCS be the now form of SMS?

While the SMS is experiencing a new boom in the area of ​​A2P, in private use RCS seems to be the most recent successor. The Rich Communication Service tried with “Joyn” to become a competitor to the currently successful market leader Whatsapp, but could not compete so far. Similar problems could also be faced to other vendor-dependent services such as Amazon’s “Anytime” coming up.
Thanks to the cooperation with Google, a pre-installed Messenger will be available both on the current Android smartphones and, starting next year, for selected companies that will receive the “Business Chat” service from Apple. Both services are based on RCS and are intended to promote SMS development.
At the same time, one are working hard on the services message+ or call+, which also belong to the label RCS. Developed under the auspices of Network 2020 of the GSMA (industry association of international network provider), a new front appears to be emerging here that wants to recapture the market. Back in the hands of telecommunications providers. The goal is to establish a higher-quality service that includes short messages, pictures, chats, groups, video calls, location information, languages ​​and files.
Currently, several vendors, including Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica (o2, e-plus) have the RCS app in their portfolio. The program is supported in different versions for iOS and Android – so it catches up with the competition.
The big advantage: Like the SMS, RCS works independently of the sending tool (can be sent out of apps, emails, etc.), by the network operator (ie cross-network, also international) and by the receiving device. Thus, for example, companies can reach their customers directly, send important data, or request authentication.

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