2FA Codes via E-Mail – here’s how

Is it really safe?

For security reasons, it should be noted that this method reduces the level of additional security through multi-factor protection. Furthermore, 2FA based on SMS codes is not exactly the safest thing to do in the first place. The problem lies generally in the sending of SMS messages via the mobile network. As TheVerge reported, it is quite easy for hackers to hijack messages to gain access to an account. We do understand however, that for various reasons more secure methods may not be an option. For example, although it is rare, some services only use SMS for 2FA. In other cases various team members may not work in the same office, building, city or even country, preventing the use of physical security keys. Forwarding login credentials may still be necessary in these teams.
If you want to be more secure, you should consider other options such as special apps or physical security key generators. However, these are again only available to one team member at a time. Since they often work with time-limited security codes, forwarding them by e-mail or SMS doesn’t make much sense. This may seem inconvenient for teams, but is definitely more secure.

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