3 mistakes in SMS marketing that you need to avoid

1. The dangerous one – sending SMS without permission

Many mistakes in SMS marketing that you can make are not particularly bad, but simply part of the learning process. However, this does not apply to our first mistake on this list: Sending SMS to recipients who have not explicitly agreed to receive them!
We therefore strongly recommend that you always use a double-opt-in, especially in SMS marketing, and that you thoroughly investigate the current legal situation in the recipient countries before launching your campaigns. We have summarized legal basics and an overview of international practices for you. Please note that we cannot guarantee that the data is complete or always up-to-date and that we cannot and do not provide legal advice.
It is imperative that you thoroughly understand the legal basics before sending your first SMS. The requirements for sending SMS change depending on what you use SMS for and who your customers are. This applies not only to consents, but also, for example, to the content of your SMS and the way you manage your SMS marketing.
Failure to comply with the GDPR and the laws of other countries can be really expensive. In the US, for example, under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, you can expect to be fined between 0 and 00 per SMS if you didn’t use opt-in or continued to send messages to recipients after they opted out.

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