3400% ROI In Two Weeks: March’s Top Covesting Copy Trading Funds Review

3400% ROI In Two Weeks: March’s Top Covesting Copy Trading Funds Review


Another week of crypto market uptrend has led to more life-changing ROI from the top ten copy trading funds on PrimeXBT’s Covesting module.
Winners are commonly found on Covesting, with stories of success fees reaching millions of dollars recently. Even this month alone, top Covesting strategy The Lab has brought their copy trading fund to an impressive 3,400% ROI.
Outside of the top three on the Covesting leaderboard, there’s an ongoing battle between the rest to break above 400% total profit, with most ranging in between there and 250% on the lower end. 250% is still significantly above the crypto market average growth for the last two weeks. Competition between the Covesting community is as fierce as ever, with rivalries forming within the Covesting Telegram group.
Covesting Module Top Ten Funds Revealed: Who Is Rising The Ranks This March?
Those who want to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of the current bull market, but can’t make money trading themselves, can also leverage Covesting to copy these successful traders’ trades. Anyone who had followed the month’s top strategy would have earned a portion of the 3400% in total profit generated.
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Even in as strong of an uptrend as it is in, Bitcoin has only grown by 30% during the same timeframe. How are these traders on Covesting able to outperform the market so significantly?
Here’s a closer look at the top Covesting copy trading funds so far in March and a review of the top strategy’s success metrics.
Using Covesting To Beat Bitcoin Performance, Crypto Market Average
The variety of over 50 assets, built-in technical analysis software, stop-loss orders, and other risk management tools arm Covesting community traders with all of the heavy artillery they need to find success in today’s highly volatile markets.

In second place, SBOtradre is right on their tails at 2900% and at any point could pull ahead to the number one spot on the fully transparent and regularly updated Covesting global leaderboards.
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The highly volatile market conditions have made several traders on the Covesting platform very successful, reaching as much as 3,400% total profit in less than a month. Other top strategies within the Covesting top ten on the public leaderboards are nearly as impressive.
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Next in the top three, Alpha Stone, who has reached their maximum initial follower’s equity cap – a limit that’s recently been increased – has nearly a 1,000% total profit for March to show for their efforts.

Top Covesting Copy Trading Strategy Of March: 3,400% Total Profit Since Month Began
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This week in crypto markets, Bitcoin price is back retesting all-time highs set earlier in the year and ready to begin another leg higher. Strong resistance thus far has presented several opportunities for short scalping, and each minor short-term rejection has also been an ideal place to long each dip for a chance to ride price action back toward highs.
Keep watch on the constantly active Covesting leaderboards for the next up and coming strategy to follow and copy your way to success.
The Covesting copy trading module is currently available exclusively on PrimeXBT, an award-winning margin trading platform offering CFDs on crypto, forex, gold, oil, stock index trading, and more, all under one roof.
The Covesting module enlists traders from around the globe who can set up strategies that followers can then copy the trades of. Strategies earn a share of each follower’s success fees, while followers can make a profit from any winning trades they copy for a win-win.

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