5 examples of how SMS messaging benefits charities and other NGOs

Organizing volunteer work

Are you planning an event and need to coordinate your volunteers? Especially when it comes to last-minute changes, SMS should be your tool of choice. Unlike many other messengers, with SMS you don’t have to worry about a lack of data protection if you use a reputable and GDPR-compliant SMS gateway.
Moreover, with SMS you reach all volunteers with cell phones equally well, regardless of which operating system is running on their phone and which apps they can or want to install. In short, you can contact all volunteers without any extra effort – even at short notice. With your own inbound number, you can also receive text messages to manage cancellations or change requests.
Reminders of upcoming activities can also be conveniently pre-scheduled via SMS and thus sent at the perfect time. Among other things, this is useful if you want to give away leftover slots for projects in case of no-shows. By the way: The no-show rate decreases rapidly when participants receive an SMS with a reminder in advance.
In addition, due to their personal character, SMS are also suitable for simply saying thank you to your volunteers! With placeholders, you can easily personalize your SMS so that all volunteers are addressed with the correct name.

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