5 good reasons to start sending SMS in your church

3. Save time – write personalized mass SMS even when you are on the road

You have very little time to spare. Still, you want to make sure that the members of your church feel taken care of. Personalizable bulk SMS allow you to address each individual member by name and yet send many SMS at once. This is already very useful in everyday life, but imagine the following scenario:
What do you do? Call all the kids one by one? Just send a single SMS that reaches everyone!
You may be wondering how you can send mass SMS while on the road if you don’t have access to the web app yourself. It’s actually very simple. If you set up SMS2SMS, you can send mass SMS to groups of your choice. Yes, even if you are on the road and have no internet access.
You are on an excursion abroad with a youth group and would like to reach the group as a whole. Not all of the teenagers in the church group are using the same Messenger app and you yourself can’t connect to the internet right now.

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