5 reasons for sending SMS in schools, community colleges and universities

4. Effective organization for internal and external processes

You can also set up emergency communication. With the help of mass SMS, you can reach thousands of people at short notice – without additional effort. If your SMS gateway provider supports the connection to workflow automation software, such as Zapier or Huggin, you can also automate the sending of SMS in such a way that an SMS is sent every time a certain event occurs.
Since SMS can be received from any cell phone and can be read quickly, they are also ideal for organizational purposes at schools, both internal and external. Internally, you can, for example, coordinate teaching staff and communicate short-term changes. You can also give your employees the opportunity to call in sick via SMS, of course. Here you benefit, above all, from the fact that all those involved can be reached quickly.
The organization of different groups is always connected with a lot of effort. By enabling the participants of your courses to communicate important short-term information, such as illness, you do not only offer added value to them. Since you can display incoming SMS messages via your own inbound number in one place, you always keep track of everything.
Externally, you can send payment reminders, communicate important dates or send links to learning platforms or timetables. Here you benefit from the clear possibility of dividing recipients into groups, but also from the personal character of the SMS.

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