5 Reasons Why You Should Use SMS for E-Commerce

E-commerce is the future of commerce. Not least because our lives are increasingly taking place online. Even toasters and refrigerators are now part of the web.
At the same time, SMS remains the safest and most effective channel for reaching customers. With about 90% open messages within the first 5 minutes, SMS as a communication channel is far ahead of all competitors. E-mail, calls, WhatsApp etc. do not even come close to SMS when it comes to fast communication. In addition, SMS has a reputation of integrity. Spam via SMS is rather rare and in many countries even forbidden by law.
In addition to industry giants like Amazon, small companies are also increasingly using the Internet to get their goods to their customers. Enormous growth figures and, since 2018, the opportunity to complete commercial training in e-commerce in Germany round off this good outlook.
So here are our top 5 reasons why you should use SMS to make your e-commerce channel even more successful and effective.

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