5 Strategies for a successful Guerilla SMS Marketing

Guerilla marketing surprises. Not only the consumers. Basically, even the entrepreneurs are always surprised how effective this form of marketing can be. But in order to take this step at all, the supposed courage for the unconventional is necessary. Otherwise, a guerilla campaign can be planned like any other in advance. One who understands their target groups well knows to impress them. A guerilla SMS marketing strategy also combines exciting aspects from the entrepreneur’s point of view: a manageable budget, clearly defined data protection in comparison to social media and, above all, efficiency in terms of accessibility.

What does guerilla SMS have that Social Media doesn’t?

Quite clearly: reach. And that means high-quality customer segmentation and targeted placement of the campaign. While in social networks endless ads are placed in order to get any reaction from the consumers, the SMS ends up exactly where it belongs: With the user who is really interested in it. Not an easy task, especially in guerilla marketing. Usually the recipients of the message don’t even know that they are interested in it immediately. That’s what makes this way of marketing so exciting but also so unpredictable. Nevertheless, anyone trying out unconventional strategies on social media platforms risks losing them somewhere in the multitude of offers. Attracting attention and being irresistibly interesting are the goals of many. Respect for those who make it.
Unfortunately, the great advantage of authenticity in social channels has also suffered greatly in recent years. Users have long been prepared for the fact that behind every post, tutorial and photo there may be only an advertisement that wants to sell something.
In the SMS sector, on the other hand, the surprise effect is still relatively large – provided you do it right.

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