5G – The basics and current status


As is so often the case when new technologies see the light of day, it remains to be seen whether the hopes and dreams associated with it are fulfilled. The example of RCS shows quite clearly how far reality and desire can diverge. In the case of 5G, we will have to see whether the technology delivers what it promises. On the other hand, both the federal government and especially the network operators will have to implement their lofty goals with regard to 4G. So while developments are heading in the right direction, the current information should be treated with a certain degree of caution.
For the digital world of tomorrow, 5G is an important basis. However, due to various factors, so far the expansion in Germany has progressed rather slowly. Germany is still a long way from playing a pioneering role. At the same time, the requirements associated with the auctioning of the first 5G frequencies ensure that the gaps in 4G coverage are finally closed. This, in turn, is good news for both private and commercial users. Until the end of 2020 however, the use of 5G will probably only be possible in larger cities.

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