8 reasons why your day care center will benefit from sending SMS

Speaking of invitations: How often have you had a note with important information never reach the parents, because it got lost in the magic realm of the child’s backpack?
By the way: For this reason, SMS are also ideal for communicating spontaneous changes. If the day care center has to close due to illness, all those affected can be informed quickly with a bulk SMS. As you know, a fast and reliable means of communication is worth its weight in gold in times of a pandemic.
Of course, this will not happen to you with SMS, but there are other good reasons to fall back on the short messages. More than 90% of all sent SMS are read within the first 3 minutes after receipt. You can be sure that no other messaging channel has such a high and fast reading rate. Because we all receive much less advertising via SMS than via e-mail, the information also feels more important, making it easier for the parents to remember.

6. SMS are reliable and effective

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