A detailed breakdown of Realio’s Platform, DEX & Issuance Network

A detailed breakdown of Realio’s Platform, DEX & Issuance Network


Looking under the hood

  • Real estate is considered a safe investment
  • Almost every business is connected to real estate.

Since 2019, the real estate market has grown by 0 million. There are two huge reasons behind this increase – 
We talked about the security token standard in the previous section. So before we get into the native tokens used in Realio, let’s do a quick overview of the token standard first.

  • Investment opportunities for various asset categories with a focus on real estate private equity
  • Tools required by third-party issuers to digitize assets and raise fund within the Realio network
  • A chance for you to utilize its tech stack as a private white-label solution

Interoperability and ease of use

The Team behind Realio

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  • Derek S. Boirun: He is the Chief Executive Officer and has tremendous institutional experience in commercial real estate development, EB-5 capital investments, and blockchain-based investing.
  • Aaron Gooch: The Chief Technical Officer has spent more than a decade mastering his software and mechanical engineering expertise.
  • Marcelo Mayano: Realio’s Chief Experience Officer is a superstar entrepreneur who had previously managed an award-winning tech business since 1999 (MindSmack). He specializes in multimedia production and interactive content.
  • Eduardo Romeiro: An early member of a successful smartphone telematics startup, the Director of Engineering, is an avid software engineer and entrepreneur. 

Realio Issuance Network

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Before going any further, let’s introduce ourselves to the team.
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  • All transfers made within the network are recorded using a shared, chain-agnostic security token standard to forward ownership among users.
  • Realio’s automated issuer control parallelly validates all transactions with each public blockchain’s own validation process.
  • Seamlessly transition between chains and standards.
  • Realio’s “plug-and-play” approach organically includes a growing number of popular public blockchains and acts as a single entry point for investments.
  • Realio’s compliance control protocol offers multi-judicial governance and legal security, with a focus on the US SEC.

Realio Tokens & Wallet

At its core, the Realio Issuance Network is a distributed ledger network of various independent parties responsible for token issuance and compliance control. The operations executed on layer-2 allow users to record and transfer asset ownership on public, permissionless networks whilst enabling audit issuer controls.

  • Token ownership is limited to verified investors that have passed stringent KYC and AML checks.
  • Token issuers can build regulatory items to participate in secondary market trading.
  • Token ownership transfer is completely P2P and chain agnostic.
  • As mentioned, asset ownership in the network is immutably recorded on public, permissionless networks.
  • The token issuer can declare rules to ensure that tokens can be held and traded in a compliant manner.

Realio’s ecosystem uses three tokens – RIO, RealioUSD (rUSD), and RST.
While several projects are currently creating products that integrate blockchain technology and the real estate market, Realio manages to stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

  • RIO: A pure utility token that also functions as gas within the network. RIO is used for fee payments in various activities such as asset tokenization exchange listing, trading, discounts, stake delegation, etc. Users can become market makers by staking RIO.
  • rUSD: This is Realio’s stablecoin that’s pegged 1:1 With the ISD and is stored in Realio’s custodial partner Prime Trust account. This stablecoin actually happens to be the primary fiat on-off ramp of the Realio’s DEX (more on it in a bit).
  • RST: The Realio Security Token is a hybrid security-cum-utility token. RST holders can earn various rewards by running nodes and from issuance fees and earn voting rights. RST ownership requires KYC/AML compliance.

Let’s run through the properties of the Realio wallet:
One of the core offerings of Realio is its multi-layer network solution called the “Realio Issuance Network.” It accommodates tokenization on several public permissionless blockchains as layer-1 through standardization and shared tech specifications. It currently supports Ethereum, Algorand, Stellar, Fusion, Binance Chain, and Ravencoin. The network also happens to have various validator nodes such as broker-dealers, other issuance platforms, and issuers, asset managers, PE funds, major stakeholders as well as supported public blockchains like Algorand and Fusion. 

  • One of the Realio wallet’s primary functions is the “swap” function that works pretty similarly to other typical exchanges.
  • Charts are available via a TradingView chart API.
  • The Stellar Horizon API presents the public data in the charts.
  • All open orders are available with order and transaction history.
  • Off-chain order posting is accessible via a bulletin board, and it enables users to conduct P2P transactions.
  • The wallet’s backend automatically calculates the order’s price based on available data.


RealioX is Realio’s decentralized exchange platform that allows it to offer ready liquidity. Token issuers can automatically list all their security tokens on the platform, where trades will be conducted in a P2P fashion. 
This ready liquidity is important for a market like real estate, which is infamous for its illiquidity. The high price and building time associated with real estate means developers and investors have to stay invested for years, even decades. Enabling tokenization and giving it an avenue for trading will go a long way in fixing this problem.
Realio has what it takes to revolutionize the real estate industry by integrating blockchain technology. Don’t be surprised if you hear their name a lot in the future. A highly talented team backs them, and their project has solid fundamentals. Do check out their website and whitepaper to get to know more about the project.

  • Makers receive 100% of the fees paid by the takers. The fees are paid in RIO.
  • Market makers receive 1% of the trade value as rewards.
  • Users don’t need to do a KYC to access the DEX or trade tokens.
  • Markets are open 24X7 and don’t have any intermediaries.
  • Realio will soon have built-in trading bots that can be fine-tuned to your particular trading needs.
  • Institutional users can interact directly in private channels and negotiate trades directly with each other.


Let’s go through some of the features of the RealioX platform to get a better understanding:

Realio is a digital issuance, investment, and P2P trading platform. It leverages the cycle-agnostic properties of real estate and other deflationary real-world assets. It primarily offers three main things:
Realio triple-token system
Today, let’s do a deep-dive and better understand what this platform has to offer.
Realio Wallet

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