A flying start – Creating a great customer journey with SMS

Consultation – The boarding

Even though online shopping is booming, personal advice is still a decisive factor when it comes to selling. Many customers also want a personal consultation online. Since a large part of sales takes place on mobile, you need to provide support via these devices as well. At the same time, the possibility of asynchronous communication should also be available, because the younger generations in particular appreciate being able to decide for themselves when they want to communicate. Asynchronous communication means that the conversation with your customer is not taking place in real time. Instead they answer whenever they have the time.
Whether the customer decides to continue their customer journey together with you depends to a large extent on the belief that your company is the right choice for them. But how does the potential customer figure this out? In case of doubt: By asking you for advice.
You may now be thinking of using WhatsApp Business. It is an obvious choice given the popularity of the messenger in Germany. However, the use of this messenger for customer service is questionable in terms of data protection law. You can only comply with the DSGVO regulations when using it with the help of expensive third-party solutions. SMS, on the other hand, can be used in conformity with data protection regulations and are also suitable for mobile, asynchronous communication. They are also at least as personal as messages sent via messenger services.

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