A great experience: How SMS engage guests in hotels and vacation apartments

Ask for reviews or general feedback

Another option is to have your guests respond directly to your SMS. For this use case, too, we recommend that you use your own inbound number.
You’ve probably long been aware of how important good reviews are in the hospitality industry. It’s also a fact that your guests are more likely to leave a review if you explicitly ask for one. A text message is a great way to do this. Simply send a link to your desired review site and let your guests submit their review right on their phone.
What your guests love about it: They are involved in your processes and can address praise or complaints directly to you.
Of course, if for some reason you don’t want a public review, you can also send a link to your own contact form asking for feedback. In any case, the sending feedback SMS for hotels and vacation rentals is an important part of building customer loyalty and improving internal operations.

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