After Corona test: Automated notifications via SMS ease the administrative burden

SMS messages also reach citizens without Internet access or smartphones

The test labels are printed out automatically. Then the test can be prepared and performed. The printed label is finally affixed to the corresponding test sleeve and sent to the laboratory. After 15-30 minutes, the test result is read, then recorded again via QR code and automatically sent to the tested person via SMS and email.

Testing processes run automatically and without a lot of paperwork

“Now we also had to think further about how we could include citizens who do not have access to the Internet.” A telephone number was set up specifically for this purpose, where an employee makes appointments by phone during the week from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and then adds the mobile phone numbers to the system for further SMS notifications. This arrangement has also been implemented in this way in the other five communities.

Only a few manual activities are required during testing

Since March 25, 2021, people in Ammerland can register either via the booking platform or by phone for the free COVID 19 citizen test at four different test centers. They will then receive the order code via SMS and email. As planned, the processing during the test runs automatically and without much administrative effort. Test takers show their confirmed test appointment via email or SMS. The employees then simply scan the QR code at the test center using the PretixScan app and match the names with the ID card.

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