Analyst: Ethereum is About to Follow Bitcoin and See a Parabolic Move

Analyst: Ethereum is About to Follow Bitcoin and See a Parabolic Move

  • Following a prolonged period of Ethereum severely underperforming Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market, it is finally reversing this trend
  • ETH has been able to post massive gains throughout the past 24-hours, surging beyond multiple key resistance zones as bulls aim at breaking above $450
  • This has revitalized the aggregated altcoin market, with DeFi tokens being particularly impacted by Ethereum’s strength
  • These digital assets are now seeing their first signs of ending their multi-month descent, and there’s a possibility that further upside will follow
  • One trader is also expecting Ethereum to see continued bullishness due to a few key factors

Where the altcoin market trends next will likely depend on whether or not ETH will be able to surmount 0, as a close above this level would be technically significant.
One trader is noting that he is expecting Ethereum to see similar price action to that seen by Bitcoin throughout the past few weeks.
Before the deployment of the Ethereum 2.0 staking contract address, the cryptocurrency was stuck in a tight trading bout around 0.
It is now in the process of attempting to break above 0.

Ethereum Rallies Towards $450 as Bulls Roar 

Featured image from Unsplash.
Charts from TradingView.

Ethereum is showing immense signs of strength today, with the cryptocurrency finally ending its bout of underperformance and rallying higher as traders aim at it seeing further upside.
Image Courtesy of Pentoshi. Source: BTCUSD on TradingView.

While sharing his thoughts on Ethereum, one analyst explained that it is about to see price action similar to that seen by Bitcoin over the past couple of weeks.

Analyst Claims ETH is About to Mirror BTC’s Recent Gains 

“What you’re seeing in Bitcoin is going to happen in ETH. The upside on Ethereum can’t be overstated. If you don’t understand. I’m sorry. ETH will be needed for staking, for gas for uniswap, for EIP-1559, for DeFi, for DAO’s. It will and always has been the driver of alts,” he said.
This means that it could be gearing up for a parabolic move that allows it to climb to 0 and beyond.

Yesterday, however, this tempered strength transformed into a full-fledged bull trend, with ETH exploding towards 0 and taking the rest of the altcoin market with it.

He points to a few key developments that are significantly bolstering the bull case for the cryptocurrency.
This was quickly ended after news broke regarding the imminent rollout of ETH 2.0, but even this incredibly bullish news only sent the crypto towards 0.

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