API Economy – what is it all about?

What exactly is an API?

API Economy therefore means to build a system out of different APIs, whether self-programmed or from third-party providers, that turns your own service into something more. The interaction of different APIs makes it a platform. 

What is API Economy?

As mentioned above, various interacting APIs also form the basic infrastructure for “smart” home appliances and smart homes. And if we can believe the forecasts, in the relatively near future we will all live in such a smart home. So the API Economy is the future in multiple ways: it will affect both the Service Sector as well as our personal lives.
API Economy describes the trend to exchange more and more data and functions using different APIs. Especially in the “Internet of Things” (IoT) this has already become standard. IoT, on the other hand, describes the increasing number of smart devices, from toasters to refrigerators to air conditioners. And especially, but not only, in this area APIs enable easy communication between different services and devices. In other words: No smart home would do without a series of APIs.

APIs are the future

API stands for Application Programming Interface. This makes it possible not only to adapt applications to your individual needs, but also to integrate them into your own existing infrastructure.
Why is that? By putting together your own IT structure from different, interacting APIs, you can not only pick the best out of the wide range of programs on offer. It is also possible to create a new overall structure through the interaction of different individual components, which then gives the company exactly what it needs. In this way, a company becomes a platform that can offer further services. Besides, the use of well-developed APIs from providers such as sms77 makes it possible to offer certain functions without having to write a dedicated program.

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