Artificial Intelligence vs. individual communication: counterparties or supplements?

How do artificial intelligence and communication ideally influence each other?

Ideally at this point, the information obtained from the customer should be used to provide the customer with useful information, e.g. on product selection, new publications, taste, size, price segmentation and much, much more. Artificial intelligence can help with this, too.
Internally, on the other hand, employee communication can be significantly improved and capacities can be used according to the needs of the situation. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the entire workflow becomes even more fluid.
Essential information can be obtained from any form of communication, be it by email, SMS, surveys, search queries, account registrations, newsletter registrations, etc. It is important to process and analyze these information in a meaningful way. Thanks to Deep Learning, artificial intelligence can collect detailed data and show very characteristic solution approaches for further evaluation. Entrepreneurs only need to know how to use them strategically.

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