Automation platforms and SMS workflows

Why should I automate my SMS dispatch?

SMS are often used in automated workflows as alerts or for other notifications that need to be read quickly. If you have decided to do this, you probably already know the advantages: SMS generate a high level of attention and are opened and read particularly quickly.
In addition, SMS are more accessible as a notification than almost any other message. The combination of these factors makes SMS so attractive, and thanks to automation, sending them is almost effortless.
If you decide to automate your SMS workflow, it can have very different benefits depending on the use case. They all have one thing in common: If your automation is implemented sensibly, you can save a lot of time. In many cases, this also means that your team is less busy and thus has time for other tasks.
Basically, it is up to you whether you want to automate your SMS dispatch. In some use cases, automation makes no sense, but in many others it does.
Various automation platforms have made it their business to make your automated processes as simple as possible. With numerous modules you can build your own workflow on these platforms in a breeze.

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