Balance of Security and Freedom in Crypto Trading

Balance of Security and Freedom in Crypto Trading


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  • The team’s experience in blockchain
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When it comes to speed and latency, DIFX ensures to have that covered. They have implemented cloud servers in various locations with a bandwidth capable of one million orders per second. They are set up in different locations to ensure a lightning-fast response, zero redundancy, low latency tickers, and no lags in the execution of orders.
In addition to comprehensive security measures, MetaTrader5 users can enjoy various features that further improve their trading experience on the platform. DIFX stands apart with its “Exotic Pairs” when it comes to cross-asset trading. Imagine being able to buy gold by investing in XAU with BTC, or investing in Google by purchasing GOOGL with ETH. Some examples of MetaTrader5’s diverse trading pairs include Bitcoin vs Silver, Bitcoin Cash vs Gold, Ripple vs Swiss Franc, Litecoin vs Japanese Yen and Ethereum vs Ripple – the list goes on.
DIFX is a hybrid model of decentralized exchange that incorporates centralized finance using blockchain technology. It is a user-friendly platform well suited for beginner and advanced traders, institutions, and investors. The company aims to promote the use of digital currencies for direct settlement between receiver and payer by eliminating intermediaries.
There is an ongoing duality in our modern economy which is the cause of much discussion and even controversy. Essentially, this duality is consolidated by the seemingly never-ending conversations relating to the pros and cons of centralized versus decentralized finance. Questions arise: Do we need more regulation for stablecoins? Should all crypto be controlled and/or restricted by governmental bodies? Even newcomers to the space are faced with a decision about which direction to go in, whether to choose a custodial or non-custodial wallet to store their initial investments in.
The issue becomes even more complex as the modern trader tries to manage a variety of asset classes at once. DIFX – Digital Financial Exchange, is a new kind of multi-asset trading platform where “cryptocurrencies can be used to trade traditional assets with the cross pairing between all assets.” The addition of crypto into the mix of Forex, commodities, company shares and indices will certainly add an element of freedom to multi-asset trading. But a balance must be struck to ensure the safety of DIFX’s users on its cross-asset trading platform, MetaTrader5. Here is how they do that.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Dedicated support with multilingual AI-based query resolution bots
  • Dedicated cloud servers
  • Regular security audits to eliminate price manipulation and front running
  • Token vetting and pre-screening
  • Assured price uniformity with other leading exchanges
  • Wide bandwidth to accommodate numerous transactions per second

DIFX exchange offers several solutions, all powered by the new smart contracts v2, such as:
Although both security and freedom are important, as new blockchain projects and ways of using this technology increase, it seems there is an overarching tug of war coming from both aspects. DIFX is an example of an innovative platform that admirably tries to get the balance right. Hopefully, as time progresses, more platforms will take on this approach to finally bring a state of equilibrium into the world of blockchain.

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The generally illegal practice of front-running is “trading stocks or any asset based on insider knowledge of a future transaction that will affect its price”. In order to eliminate any possibility of such price manipulating activities happening on MetaTrader5, DIFX will be subjected to security audits, ensuring the legitimacy of the platform via the adoption of a zero-tolerance compliance culture. Having these standards in place means that any employee who violates company policy will be subject to termination. Employee training will be constant, and as the organization matures in its compliance culture, this training will be consistently audited  as DIFX evolves. Furthermore, potential tokens are pre-screened and vetted before being listed on the DIFX’s exchange to sift out any dubious coins and ultimately protect its users. How exactly will tokens be scrutinized? DIFX’s set of norms that determine whether or not a token gets listed includes the following:
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