Bezoge: the Canine Crypto Astronaut with a Token Named in his Honor

Bezoge: the Canine Crypto Astronaut with a Token Named in his Honor


Jeff Bezos… Doge meme… Do you get it? Bezoge was created to rescue Dogecoin from space who was stranded on the moon due to certain tweets. So, to honor the stranded comrade, the Bezoge ecosystem created Bezoge to act as a central currency to be used by everyone. 
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Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, while both meme coins have different functionalities and different success rates. While Dogecoin aimed for the moon (and reached it) with the help of Musk, the latter is still struggling. However, these are not the only two dog meme coins fighting for a piece of the moon. A new and robust competitor has emerged from the shadows: BEZOGE. 

How Does Bezoge Aim to Achieve this Feat?

The internet is a happening place and the crypto ecosystem, its greatest example. Time after time, we come across multiple exciting projects! Unlike the traditional financial trading market, the crypto trading market is full of fun, interactive characters such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. – Bitcoin News source since June 2011 –

  • Bezoge advocates for equal opportunities for everyone and rewards all the holders by being deflationary. 
  • Bezoge gave control to its community and initially launched with a buy-in cap starting at 0.015 ETH to promote decentralization. 
  • Bezoge solidified its belief and ideals by locking its own wallet and liquidating its assets to fund the project.
  • There is no ownership of the contract so as to avoid exploitation and give control to the token holders. 
  • Bezoge even designed a first-ever treasury wallet to promote decentralized governance and fund all future projects. 

The love for dogs is widespread, even more so in the blockchain world. However, certain influencers used this love to manipulate the crypto ecosystem to serve themselves, and Bezoge is here to change that. Born on 14th May 2021, Bezoge believes so strongly in equality that they burnt the currency’s contract so that no one could control or manipulate it. 

The ideology of Bezoge reaching the moon is depicted by the underlying functionalities of the platform and its unique products which are entirely inconclusive. This project has no boundaries as the ship is commanded by the community! The ecosystem will add on many more projects in the future, which will all be powered by the meme coin, Bezoge. 
Some of the key factors that make Bezoge unique are:
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