Bitcoin and Ethereum break out significantly to the upside – against the market trend

Bitcoin and Ethereum break out significantly to the upside – against the market trend

Bitcoin and Ethereum

Whether this lockstep will stop in the medium term remains to be seen. Currently, the copllication of crypto stocks to regular stock markets is an open wound for all those who saw Bitcoin in particular as an inflation hedge. However, BTC (and by extension the rest of the crypto market) is behaving more like a tech stock that reacts strongly to Federal Reserve announcements and interest rate hikes.
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When Wall Street exchanges open Tuesday afternoon, we’ll know if crypto assets are really ripping, or if they were merely harbingers of a general, mild market rally. After all, as has been reported time and again, regular stocks and crypto assets have been leading parallel lives for quite some time – when stocks (especially tech stocks) fall, BTC and ETH fall as well, and vice versa.
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After several weeks of downward movement and actually rather gloomy prospects in punkte large weather situation, the crypto market shows surprisingly positive on the service. Thus, BTC and ETH have grown by 6 percent each back over 20,000 and 1,400 euros, respectively, some other crypto assets grow even stronger in the past 24 hours such as Uniswap (+13%) or Chainlink (+10 percent). However, the recent growth is not enough to lift the market capitalization above one trillion euros.
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That’s why the jump from Monday to Tuesday should be taken with a grain of salt. Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently only returning to the level they had about a month ago – and are significantly below the values they had six months ago or even at the beginning of the year. However, the recent growth is interesting because stock indices in regular markets actually took a different course at the beginning of the week. The Dow Jones, S&P500 and Nasdaq100, for example, are all slightly down, reflecting the ever-increasing fears of recession as a result of inflation and the Ukraine war. It is possible that we are currently seeing a first, tentative attempt by crypto assets to break free from the pull of the overall market.

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