Bitcoin on Way for Weekly Loss on Fading Stimulus Hopes

Bitcoin on Way for Weekly Loss on Fading Stimulus Hopes


But after US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin proposed to limit the stimulus size to .8 trillion, the deal went into another deadlock. The Democrats demanded a .3 trillion relief for American households and businesses that suffered losses amid the coronavirus-induced recession.
“The Chinese government is cracking down on money laundering using cryptocurrency for telecom fraud, and centralized exchanges are in a very dangerous state,” Mr. Wu claimed.
The exchange explained that one of its private key holders – those who are responsible for validating capital outflows with an extra set of digital keys – is “currently cooperating with a public security bureau.” That has limited OKEx’s authorization over the clients’ funds. The exchange assured that the capital remains safe and secure nonetheless.

A resumption of stimulus talks earlier this week had prompted the Bitcoin price to grow by up to ,000. Another fundamental tailwind was institutions that increased their exposure in the cryptocurrency against their long-term inflationary outlook.

Nevertheless, some analysts ignored the short-term price shocks over a more optimistic long-term outlook. Crypto Youtuber Lark Davis stated that Bitcoin could still recover to new highs, citing institutions that poured 0 million into its market via spot and shares market (Grayscale).
The benchmark cryptocurrency was down 0, or 2 percent, to ,279 per token by 0456 UTC. It lost 0.7 percent so far in the week. Its downside mood resurfaced as the US dollar surged and hopes of finalizing the second coronavirus deal before the presidential election faded.

Exchange FUD

However, Bitcoin fell harder than its traditional peers on Friday. Part of the reason was OKEx, an Asian cryptocurrency exchange, that suspended withdrawals after landing itself into a police investigation.
Bitcoin slipped on Friday as it looked sure to close the week at a loss in the remaining three days of trading.

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“It is literally lesson #1 in #Crypto school,” asserted Kevin Svenson, an independent market analyst. “Not your keys, not your crypto. Bitcoin begins selling off as a result of the news.”

Bitcoin plunged by 0 after the OKEx news broke out. Source:
Colin Wu, a Chinese reporter, tweeted that an over-the-counter trader mistakenly received .5K worth of Chinese Yuan from a group that the police were hunting for a money laundering case. is author of this content, is is not responsible for the content of external sites.

Surprise Bitcoin Plunge

The US dollar index was looking to post its first weekly gain in three.

The presence of OKEx around a supposed money laundering investigation panicked traders with low-risk appetites. Bitcoin fell by more than 0 within hours the news went to the wire.

The US Dollar Index is looking more assertive this week on renewed flight t safest haven assets. Source: DXY on

The prospect of lesser dollar liquidity raised its demand among investors. As a result, they got rid of a part of their risky allocations, impacting Bitcoin, stocks, and even gold.

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