Blockwiz and Giottus Celebrate Year-Long Growth Partnership

Blockwiz and Giottus Celebrate Year-Long Growth Partnership


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Dev Sharma, Founder and CEO of Blockwiz commented: – Bitcoin News source since June 2011 –

About Giottus

Toronto, Canada, Oct 7, 2021: Giottus targets 5x growth in the coming year with Blockwiz. The partnership with Blockwiz has seen tremendous growth in social media and community for Giottus.
Giottus is a cryptocurrency exchange based on their native Giottus Trade Engine, it stands among the fastest exchanges in the crypto market. With a strong focus on the Indian crypto trading market, Giottus serves specialized offers and services for Indian users and transactions in INR. Giottus also aims at making crypto trading accessible and easy for everyone through information delivered right to the users.
“Giottus has been with Blockwiz for more than a year now. We have seen incredible growth prospects in their business and future. Our services, especially content marketing, are strongly aligned to boost their mission of spreading awareness and education about cryptocurrency. Giottus is making crypto trading easy for Indians with their platform and constant outreach with informative content accessible to all. We are pegged to support Giottus in their journey of tremendous growth with our expertise and their vision.”

About Blockwiz

Giottus has been in partnership with Blockwiz for almost a year now. We have seen a 500-700% growth in various social media handles with many influencer campaigns planned by Blockwiz. They provide us with great Telegram management and as well as a strong content marketing service. Their team is very approachable and works as an extended arm of our marketing team. We look forward to a deepened partnership with Blockwiz as we scale our business a further 5x in the upcoming year.”
Blockwiz is a crypto marketing agency headquartered in Toronto, Canada. It provides a wide range of services for marketing blockchain businesses with custom packages suited to every client’s marketing needs. Giottus has partnered with Blockwiz to extend its marketing capabilities beyond its internal marketing team. They work as a strategic extension to their marketing department.
Srivathsan A R, Head of Marketing, of Giottus commented:

Giottus is among the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and trading platforms. Specializing in the Indian market with special offers and features for INR users, Giottus has seen immense growth recently. They have partnered with Blockwiz for more than a year now acquiring social media, content marketing, and community management services. They have also worked on influencer campaigns for extending their outreach programs.
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