Cardano – This is how bullish the Ethereum competitor is

Cardano – This is how bullish the Ethereum competitor is

Cardano - This is how bullish the Ethereum competitor is

Cardano has only been smart-contract compatible since September of this year. But the Ethereum competitor can already celebrate successes.

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Picture by Pixabay
Ethereum competitor Cardano (ADA) is making up ground at the protocol level these days. Within a year, the total number of active addresses grew from 103,606 to 121,148 – a growth of 17 percent.
The increased user interest is probably due to the growing possibilities to use ADA also in the DeFi area.
Since the Alonzo upgrade in September of last year, the network has been Smart Contract compatible.
Cardano is also keeping pace with smart-contract flagship Ethereum in terms of NFTs. Rapper Snoop Dogg, for example, recently launched his NFT collection on Cardano.
As analytics portal Santiment writes, “investor sentiment toward ADA is currently more positive than it has been since mid-November.”
Compared to industry leader Ethereum, however, Cardano is still small fry. According to data from Defi Lllama, ETH has 5 billion in DeFi logs. For Cardano, the figure is just 0 million.

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