Celo Launches Wave III Grants For Developers, Communities, And Startups

Celo Launches Wave III Grants For Developers, Communities, And Startups


You can receive grants from Celo Foundation under various categories, including technical tools and research or ecosystem support and community. Developers can apply for funding to build DeFi tools, Celo wallets, and Cello Dollar (cUSD) integrations, developer tools, blockchain data, and holder voting tools.
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Past grant winners include eSolidar, Beam & Co, LoveCrypto, Pay with Moon, and SaldoMX.
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On the other hand, communities can get grants to organize educational events, promote Celo use in their community, and lower the access barrier to the project.
Developers, communities, content creators, and entrepreneurs who want to apply for the Celo Foundation Wave III grants need to submit their applications by November 20th. 

  • Application deadline: November 20th
  • Interviews: November 30th-December 4th
  • Announcement: January 4th

The Celo Foundation has launched Wave III of its grants program. The 3rd wave is part of Celo’s mission of supporting financial inclusion and creating conditions of prosperity for all.
You can submit your application right now till November 20th, here.
Grant timeline/dates

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In the first two waves, over 200 teams from over 50 countries have applied for funding. Celo has given over .8M in funding value to applicants to date.

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