CryptoLocally Releases 2nd Version of DeFi Finance Wallet

CryptoLocally Releases 2nd Version of DeFi Finance Wallet


Current APY for V2:
CryptoLocally continues to be the first P2P only platform that offers a DeFi Finance wallet. Have you tried the Finance Wallet on CryptoLocally? Let us know what you think in the comments section.
The initial version of the Finance Wallet was released in September 2020 to create a simple interface for earning interest on crypto. The Finance Wallet by CryptoLocally was built to increase financial inclusion in DeFi. The wallet makes interest-earning available to everyone without the need to navigate technical and complex processes.
Current APY for V1:
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Finance Wallet V2 Brings Higher Rewards

Cryptocurrency peer-to-peer marketplace, CryptoLocally has launched an improved version of its DeFi Finance Wallet.
Finance Wallet Version 1 (V1) provided users with the opportunity to earn staking rewards at competitive rates, but additional features and improvements have been made to Finance Wallet Version 2 (V2), enabling it to rank among the best DeFi products on the market. 
In most cases, users have to use complex platforms and follow several steps to set up interest-earning portfolios for their crypto assets. CryptoLocally Finance Wallet simplifies the process for the end-user. Version 2 (V2) promises to provide additional features that will further CryptoLocally’s mission to provide financial services.
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Also, Finance Wallet V2, displays the total value (TVL), in USD, of all assets that are staked on the Finance Wallet. In addition to the previously mentioned upgrades, V2 enables users to the total value (TVL), in USD, of all assets that are staked on the Finance Wallet.

The latest version of CryptoLocally’s Finance Wallet is powered by Compound, AaveMaker, and dY/dX through Idle. The integration with popular DeFi platforms makes yield farming easier than ever. What’s more, V2 also offers a higher yield than V1. – Bitcoin News source since June 2011 –
CryptoLocally has partnered industry leaders to bring DeFi to more locations around the world. The first version of the Finance Wallet was designed to allow users to earn staking rewards on ETH, DAI, USDT, USDC, and CryptoLocally’s native token, GIV. After the initial release, Uniswap’s popular token, UNI, was added to the Finance Wallet as well. 

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