Customer loyalty via SMS: 5 successful marketing tips

Step 4: Be a source of information

Information should be available everywhere, anytime, and instantly. If a customer has to search for your offer for a long time, it increases the risk that he ends up – perhaps unnoticed – at the competitors.
Thus, news about one category only go to selected phone numbers, other topics instead don’t reach them. Your customer thus receives more quality and meaningful added value to stay loyal to you and your offer.
Give your customers an update on successor products, new flavors and the like. Ideally, your assortment gets collector status. Newsletters as bulk SMS can be seperated into groups if customers have registered in advance for a particular area of ​​interest.
This not only applies to primary keywords related to your product or brand, but explicit additional information. How it is used, there are ticks and tricks, will soon be a new edition, etc. Online stores use, for example, SMS notifications to inform their customers about re-available items that they had saved on the watch list and were sold out at times. This is also how you can inform about short-term reduced offers. This truly elevates customer loyalty.

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