Ethereum Reaches a Fate-Determining Level as Analysts Watch for Volatility

Ethereum Reaches a Fate-Determining Level as Analysts Watch for Volatility

  • Ethereum’s price action has been closely tracking that of Bitcoin in recent weeks, causing it to see a choppy bout of sideways trading
  • The lack of any real trend in recent weeks has made ETH’s mid-term outlook somewhat unclear
  • That being said, the crypto may now be trading at a pivotal level that determines its near-term outlook
  • One analyst is noting that the price at which it is currently trading has historical significance, and its reaction to its support could determine whether it rallies to $390 or dives to $280

That being said, the key range boundaries for ETH to watch sit around 0 and 0. Which of these levels is decisively broken in the near-term could be what determines its mid-term outlook.
Ethereum and the aggregated cryptocurrency market have been offering investors little insight into the state of the market. Most altcoins have been primarily caught within bouts of sideways trading or slight downtrends.
Until BTC breaks out of this range, it’s more than likely that the cryptocurrency market will continue lacking directionality.
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Analysts are now widely noting that where it trends next may depend largely on Bitcoin, which has been guiding the market in recent weeks.

Ethereum Continues Consolidating as Buyers and Sellers Reach an Impasse 

“ETH: At a pretty important spot here from a historical level + Daily level. Mid term: Breakout to 0 or dump to 0. For now leaning towards 0 in the next few weeks before the 2021 moon landing,” he explained while pointing to the below chart.
At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading down marginally at its current price of 0. The cryptocurrency has been offering investors little insight into its outlook as it continues consolidating.
Image Courtesy of Pentoshi. Chart via TradingView.

This comes as it reaches what he describes as being a historically important level.
Ethereum’s fate could soon grow clearer, as it has reached what one analyst is describing as being a historically important level.

He notes that its reaction to the resistance between 0 and 0 may spark a nosedive to 0, but this may be necessary in order for the market to then start its “moon mission.”

Bitcoin has been contributing to this market-wide uncertainty, as its price has been caught between ,200 and ,200 for the past few weeks.
One trader is noting that Ethereum may soon make a large independent movement. He specifically explained that he is targeting either a breakout to 0, or a plunge towards 0.

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