Forward incoming SMS to MS Teams via Webhook

Possible use cases

Your team is most likely already communicating via MS Teams, and is focused on incoming messages during work hours. By delivering the SMS to a dedicated channel, support staff can respond quickly to incoming messages. In addition, colleagues in the team who are not currently responding to the SMS can also see what the customers’ biggest concerns are at the moment. This allows your team to quickly identify when many customers are making the same requests and spot major issues early.

Customer service

Especially if you offer your customers the possibility to contact your customer service via SMS, a forwarding of incoming SMS to MS Teams, or the communication tool of your choice, can be very useful. Even though SMS are very attention-grabbing in themselves, the advantages are obvious.
We have already explained in past articles that it can be of great advantage to be able to receive SMS as a company. In this particular case, the incoming SMS are not only received in our system, but are made available to multiple people in the company via MS Teams. This is useful for several use cases, which of course apply to any kind of forwarding to a communication tool like MS Teams.

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