Fractal Analysis: Bitcoin Will Undergo a Slight Correction Towards $11,000

Fractal Analysis: Bitcoin Will Undergo a Slight Correction Towards $11,000

  • Bitcoin may not sustain its highs after pushing as high as $11,500 on Friday evening.
  • One trader recently noted that a simple fractal analysis suggests the coin will undergo a retracement after hitting $11,400.
  • The trader said that the cryptocurrency has some similarities to price action around two weeks ago.

Bitcoin Could Drop, Fractal Analysis Suggests

Further delays to the stimulus bill passing may drive the U.S. dollar higher relative to other currencies. This, in turn, will force Bitcoin lower as the cryptocurrency is seen as a hedge against fiat stimulus and inflation.
Unfortunately, it was recently revealed that “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Republicans on Saturday balked at President Donald Trump’s roughly .8 trillion stimulus proposal.” The trader shared the chart below on October 11th, noting that there are clear similarities between the price action in late September to that seen over the past few days. This fractal suggests that there will be a “standard Sunday dump,” likely towards the low-,000s.
Chart of BTC’s price action over the past few weeks with analysis by crypto trader Steve (@TheTradingTramp on Twitter).
Chart of

Stimulus Talks to Drive Price Action

Photo by Taylor Deas-Melesh on Unsplash
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This Trader Fears Bitcoin Will Undergo a “Standard Sunday Dump”

Bitcoin could drop from current levels by a few percent if it is to follow a fractal observed by a cryptocurrency trader.

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