Freienohl fire brigade uses inbound SMS solution to optimise the reception of alarms

The time criterion plays an important role for the comrades – they must know where to go quickly. A glance at the monitor allows the leaders and vehicle drivers to see where the deployment site is immediately. The monitor is therefore of central importance for the successful completion of the operations.
„By now, we have been using the inbound SMS solution for six weeks. We have our own physical mobile phone number, which is available to us via the web portal. The alarm still reaches the volunteer fire brigade in Freienohl in three ways: via email, on the monitor and in the app. It is virtually the same solution, only much more reliable. The only new feature is that the alarm does not arrive directly on the computer in the hall, but first on the hosted SIM card at Afterwards, the content is added to a MySQL database and, for data protection reasons, displayed for a limited period of time on the monitor in the vehicle hall,” says Pingel, explaining the individualized application of the API business solution from

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