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What do we expect for the year 2022?

Another trend we have seen for some time is the use of low- or no-code workflows in companies. Here, too, it is easy to integrate SMS into individual projects, especially if we already offer an integration for the respective software. What is particularly pleasing here is the fact that even more complex projects can be handled without programming knowledge. Of course, we also offer resources for developers that will help them to integrate an SMS service into their project. We recommend to keep an eye on our GitHub repositories as well.
As things stand at present, we assume that the heavy use of SMS will at least remain the same, but will probably continue to increase more strongly than before. This assumption is of course based not least on the current pandemic situation and the empirical values of the past months. But even beyond pandemic use, the sending of A2P SMS will increase, firstly in marketing and secondly because of the easy ways in which SMS can be integrated into projects of all kinds.
The use of SMS in conversational marketing is likely to grow particularly strongly. In Germany, too, many companies are starting to offer consultations via Messenger and it is a logical step to also offer consultation via SMS, because it is much more accessible, can easily be made GDPR-compliant and, under certain conditions, promotional content is also allowed.
Individualized SMS can kickstart a positive conversation, and consulting via SMS reaches not least those customers who have reservations about using common messengers.

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