Here Come NFT + Games! WaykiChain and Chongqing Mebius Join Hands in a Strategic Partnership

Here Come NFT + Games! WaykiChain and Chongqing Mebius Join Hands in a Strategic Partnership


1. Recharges in WUSD stablecoin;
Mebius recognizes the blockchain industry and is optimistic about it. It wants to leverage blockchain in in-depth game development but lacks an opportunity.
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2. In-game WICC rewards;
I. Mebius: Games in Blockchain Ecosystems
III. WaykiChain Enters Gaming and In-depth NFT Development
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Another game developed by Mebius on WaykiChain, Leader’s War, is about to launch. It will integrate WaykiChain elements, expand its application ecosystem, and selectively incorporate the following cooperation models:
Games are a vital part of entertainment. This industry has a strong user demand and a broad market. WaykiChain will continue its cooperation with Mebius in game and NFT development.
Actually, there is a plenty of new cooperation models to choose from. WaykiChain will continue its work with Mebius to explore them, will work hard to provide users with a high-quality all-in-one entertainment experience, and will establish a pure gaming community on the principle of equality. WaykiChain will continue its efforts to expand its commercial application scenarios and the ecosystem scale!
WaykiChain has the industry’s top-of-the-range blockchain public-chain technology, while Mebius has rich experience in games in blockchain ecosystems. The partners will harness their respective advantages, learn from each other’s strengths, and jointly advance and develop the NFT + games direction, which is beneficial for mutual promotion.

For more about Mebius:
Peerless King is an ARPG masterpiece about the immortals and knights. It is Mebius’ first success developed on WaykiChain. Right now, Peerless King ranks No. 149 in the Free category, No. 11 in Games, No. 3 in Action, and No. 2 in RPG. In the top selling list, it ranks No. 66 in General, No. 45 in Games, No. 13 in Action, and No. 25 in RPG. The total downloads reached 854,000 with a rating of 3.7.
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WaykiChain is a public chain focusing on R&D of blockchain’s underlying core technology, the corresponding ecosystem technologies, and related project operation. Its self-developed new-generation commercial public chain is at the industry’s forefront. It boasts of highly effective transaction processing at 4,500+ TPS, the high-performance consensus mechanism DPoS + pBFT, the powerful dual smart contract engine Lua VM + WASM, and other exciting features. These can just meet the blockchain technology needs of Mebius and further expand WaykiChain’s ecosystem applications. This partnership is a win-win for joint promotion.
Mebius team adores games and users and has personality. It has the technology, dreams, and aspirations.
Since its establishment, Mebius has provided quality app development and website construction services to many customers, first of all in blockchain, financial management, mining, etc. financial services. – Bitcoin News source since June 2011 –
Recently, WaykiChain and Chongqing Mengbius Network Technology Co., Ltd. took the game Peerless King as a negotiation opportunity and reached strategic cooperation.
With software technology in its core, Mebius provides software development services, industry solutions, and development and services for related software products and platforms. It combines software and services, software and industry, and technology and industry management qualifications. Mebius provides industry customers with highly personalized solutions to help establish best practices in information management and meet the customers’ needs.

For more about WaykiChain:
II. WaykiChain and Mebius Join Hands for a Win-win
3. NFT auctions will support WICC.
Chongqing Mebius Network Technology Co., Ltd. is an all-in-one network service company that provides website construction, mobile app development, WeChat applet development, and back-end management services.

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