HLR: Well maintained register for streamlined marketing

How to use HLR information correctly

You also save money if you simply exclude phone numbers with roaming status, that is, those who are abroad and thus may be irrelevant to your campaign. The right customer segmentation helps you to control your marketing. Thanks to the international connectivity of the sms77 gateway, almost all mobile phone numbers can be requested worldwide. Number validation helps you to better classify your customers, assign them mobile networks, country identifiers, and much more.
As you can already see from the output data, an HLR respone provides you with rich feedback on a mobile phone number. With this information, you can optimize your marketing campaign, especially in the preparation phase. For example, you can delete invalid numbers from your contacts. On the one hand you avoid unnecessary accumulations of personal data, on the other hand you don’t get embarrassed by sending thousands of SMS to numbers that don’t exist at all. Your budget can be spared enormously. Any SMS sent will cost you money, even if the recipient is invalid. You can achieve optimal targeting by cleaning up your customer data before launching the campaign.
To simplify the validation, sms77 has implemented an additional feature. This allows registered customers to take over complete contact lists rather than having to select each number individually. To do this, validate the selected contact list in your account > contacts > more > validate list. Already validated or non-validated telephone numbers are displayed as such under the Validation column.

All phone numbers of the selected list are validated by HLR lookup.

Maintain your customer data: Regular lookups keep your own database up-to-date, and at the same time, you learn more about your customers’ behavior, when and how often they travel abroad, for example. A one-time query may be sufficient for short-term SMS campaigns, for long-term marketing it’s always recommended to combine HLR requests, specific analyzing and statistical evaluations on a periodical basis.

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