How freelancers and self-employed people profit from sending SMS

So-called “no-shows” are not only a problem in the medical field. Virtually every industry in which fixed appointments are made in advance suffers from customers who ask for an appointment and then fail to show up. Personal trainers, coaches, music teachers and independent doctors can tell you a thing or two about this. The consequences of these appointment cancellations: Lost time and lost profits.
For personal trainers, music teachers, self-employed practitioners and all those who make appointments
Perhaps you have already taken precautions against such cases and still get paid for these appointments, as many self-employed people do. But there is an easy way to avoid this situation to a large extent: Appointment reminders. Automatically send a reminder via SMS one or two days before the appointment to let your customers know when you expect them. Since SMS have a very high reading rate, this reminder will not be missed and you can plan your time more effectively. If your customers need to bring certain documents or equipment to their appointments, you can remind them of this as well.
Your advantage: You have a lower no-show rate and thus save time and money

Minimize number of missed appointments

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