How SMS and landing pages hit the mark with your customers

What do I need a landing page for?

The big advantage is that you can also create different versions of this site, tailored to different target groups. In addition, A/B tests can be carried out very easily with different landing pages. Thus, you can improve your conversion rate even more, make your targeting more precise and increase the return on investment.
So, if you think: “But why do I need a landing page, my customers will find what they are looking for on my website”, you are certainly not alone. But it is a fact that people who search the internet for something only stay on a page for a very short amount of time if they feel that they might not find what they are looking for.
However, if they see the information relevant to them at first glance, the bounce rate is much lower and the conversion rate much higher. In short, this means: Your customers perceive you as relevant and are more inclined to buy your product or use your services.

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