How SMS can add real value in communities and municipalities

SMS in communities and municipalities – an additional service that serves everyone

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Last but not least, SMS can help to make information accessible without barriers, for example, if you offer an SMS hotline as an alternative to telephone consultations or information services.
In addition, info SMS about events ensure that interested parties are always up to date and can participate in the social life of your community or municipality.
SMS provide you with a reliable and effective way of sending relevant information to interested citizens. The prerequisite is, of course, that they wish to receive these messages, i.e. that they have given their consen. It is best to let them choose which topics they would like to receive SMS on. A double opt-in creates additional security with regard to data protection. Providing information on how recipients can unsubscribe is also important.
Simple service information, such as reminders for garbage pickup or notices about restrictions, can help make life in your community more pleasant.

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