How the double opt-in works, plus the legal basis for sending SMS


As you surely know, you need a legal basis if you want to use personal data of your customers. This also applies, as mentioned above, if you store data related to SMS messages. In most cases, obtaining consent is the most sensible solution here. It enables you to prove, physically, that you are allowed to send SMS to an individual person. What is important here is that your customers must give you this consent voluntarily. Also, you must inform your customers about what exactly you will use their number for – BEFORE they give their consent. Essentially this means: If you ask for the number to send booking confirmations, you may not send marketing SMS and certainly not e-mails without explicit consent. Although there are certain exceptions to this rule, it can serve as a basic guideline.
Furthermore, you should be aware that consent is not necessarily valid forever. If you do not contact the recipients in the specified manner for a long time, the consent may expire. Furthermore, you must be able to provide information about the consent at any time and be able to prove that you have it.

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