Imcoin (IMC) “The First Hybridcoin” Arrives To Impose a New Concept of Cryptocurrencies

Imcoin (IMC) “The First Hybridcoin” Arrives To Impose a New Concept of Cryptocurrencies


Current token price: $ 1.74 (updated based on underlying)
Start: May 15, 2019 (9:00 AM GMT)
Token currently sold: 18,966,431
Ends: April 15, 2021 (11:00 a.m. GMT)
In addition, within our platform there is the possibility of using “Lucybook” a commercial accounts auditor for all markets such as fx, futures, stocks, cryptocurrencies and others. It will become a fundamental tool for traders who want to show their trading results, verified by a tool based on blockchain technology for the validation of transactions. It will also become a fundamental tool for the future appearance of other Hybridcoins that want to be audited.
PRESS RELEASE. The objective of IMCoin is to be the first Hybridcoin on the market, giving its holders the possibility of having an asset backed with an audited and public underlying where the money from the sale of the token is entered, but which in turn tries to increase in value. to positively impact the price of the coin. In this way, we consider that both the Stablecoin and Performance Coins public can be interested in and benefit from IMCoin. People who invest in Stablecoins will no longer have to sacrifice profitability for stability and people who invest in cryptocurrencies will no longer have to sacrifice stability for returns.
Minimum purchase amount: 100 IMC
January 2021 projected price: $ 2.00
Token sales:
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Initial token price: 1.00 USD

IMCoin also has a project to create a stable and profitable business model using cryptocurrencies as a security deposit, as well as an investment asset. Our model aims to facilitate access to credit to IMC users, based on the security and transparency of Blockchain technology with its platform. There you can become a lender or a borrower.
Number of tokens for sale: 100,000,000

email: [email protected]

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