Inbound SMS at a glance

Virtual phone numbers are connected directly via the network operators. They use the internet for data transmission and can, for example, forward calls to regular telephone lines. For our focus, SMS, virtual phone numbers are interesting for several reasons. For example, if you have offices abroad, virtual numbers from the respective countries inspire confidence in your recipients. Depending on the country, using a national virtual number can also result in lower costs for your recipients when they reply to your messages. For example, if you have an office in India, it may be useful to use an Indian virtual number to send SMS. Here the recipients pay less when they reply to an Indian number than when they reply to a German number, for example.
In addition, a virtual number has a higher throughput than a physical number: You can receive about 30 SMS per second with the virtual number. However, virtual inbound numbers cannot receive SMS from alphanumeric senders, as these are blocked.

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