Inclusive improvement – Why SMS matter in mHealth


Especially in the treatment of chronically ill patients, SMS have proven to be useful. In a study by the eHealth Initiative (USA), for example, it was shown that the rate of those who take their medication regularly doubles when they receive SMS reminders. Many other studies confirm an improvement of this rate through the use of SMS reminders.
Even beyond these application examples, SMS can provide added value for patients. Personalized messages and inquiries make patients feel less alone on their journey. Various thought-provoking impulses or instructions for exercises can also help them feel better. Here, the effort is low and the benefit on the recipient’s side is very high.
Of course the benefits of SMS reminders do not stop there. When the medication supply is running low, a message can remind patients that they will need to replace it soon. All you need to know is the size of the pack and how much medicine is taken, everything else is calculated and automated.
The advantage SMS have over OTT apps is obvious. SMS are more likely to be perceived as serious and can be sent to any mobile phone, no matter how old it is or what operating system it is running. Furthermore, the entry barrier for such health programs is lower if no separate app needs to be installed.

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