Introduction To ILUS Coin

Introduction To ILUS Coin


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ILUS Coin, an ERC 20 token project has taken it upon itself to solve social Fire & Safety problems in the world. The project has the benefit of an intuitive patented life and water-saving Fire Fighting Technology and Electrical Vehicle technology by ILUS International.

ILUS Coin can add value to your portfolio while helping the world

It’s not too often that you see publicly traded companies like $ILUS venturing into the crypto space in this capacity. ILUS international is one of the pioneers in this space. Additionally, it is relatively rare to come across a coin that is contributing towards making the world a safer place whilst simultaneously delivering rewards and upside to its token holders.
ILUS Coin is an ERC 20 token that will help to provide critical life and earth-saving technology and equipment to the people and places that need it and who can’t afford it in the form of a lease contract. 
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The ILUS coin is intended to establish social awareness and rewards to both coin holders and the wider market and will be used to expand its services at scale while providing incentives to the coin holders.

What’s in it for the investors? 

ILUS is a public M&A investment company operating out of New York, London and Dubai centered on adding shareholder value by innovation and growth. The organization is fundamentally focused on, but not limited to, acquiring businesses in the Technology, Engineering & Manufacturing space globally.

  1. Rewards: For a limited time, ILUS coin allows you to earn as much as 15% interest on coin holdings. An automated leasing contract will also provide additional rewards. 
  2. Giving back to the community: ILUS is doing the much-needed job of providing life-saving equipment to parts of the world that can’t afford it. Holding the coin will make you a stakeholder in this process. 
  3. Steer the project: One becomes a shareholder in the ILUS coin governance as soon as you buy the token. Investing in ILUS coins will provide you with the opportunity to vote on certain proposals to direct the future of the project. 

There will be a total of 100 million ILUS tokens created with 14.85%, 40%, 20%, and 25.15% allocated towards Pre-sale, public sale, team/market, and airdrops/staking respectively. ILUS Coin is undergoing its Pre-sale now. The presale will end on May 14, 2021, or when 10 million coins are sold. Being an ERC20 token, it can be exchanged for ETH on ILUS’s official website. 

ILUS International: a global, publicly-traded M&A company

This helps the world meet its social responsibility while at the same time supporting the growth of ILUS International Inc to fulfill this enormous global demand for equipment and technology. 
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Partnership with Toto Capital to launch ILUS coin – Bitcoin News source since June 2011 –
Whilst the ILUS Group of Companies are associated with the manufacture and distribution of patented emergency response and life safety equipment and services globally, the ILUS Coin will enable this much-needed equipment and services to be remitted to the nations and organizations which urgently need it, through innovative lease contracts.
ILUS International has partnered with Toto Capital, a boutique financier with extensive experience in the Crypto industry, for the release of the ILUS Coin. Toto Capital operates out of Panama, Hong Kong, and Dubai. 

Toto is responsible for the development of the ILUS coin while offering a royalty to ILUS for using ILUS branding. Additionally, Toto has agreed to make ample financial investments in the joint project. Toto will also be providing lease financing to the Emergency Services and First Responders, equipping responders with critical equipment needed to perform their day-to-day life-saving jobs.
The benefits for the investor and the ILUS token holder can be broadly categorized into three aspects:
Not only could coin holders benefit from the substantial social responsibility fulfillment, but coin holders may reap significant financial rewards too. Both rewards and dividends may be made available to ILUS Coin holders through income from leasing contracts and the growth of ILUS.
It just takes a quick glance at the trending global news, any day of the year, to find out about a disaster that would be avoidable if the respondents and governments had the right equipment with them. 

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