Keep track of Trello with Zapier and sms77

Well, a lot of people are too busy to keep an eye on Trello all the time. Or their tasks require that a team member is not constantly on their computer. On the other hand, most of us have our smartphone or mobile phone with us all the time, whether in our pockets or on the desk in front of us. Zapier allows – in combination with Trello and a powerful SMS gateway – to set up SMS notifications of news.

What is Trello, anyway?

Trello simplifies the organization and task planning in teams. However, the boards can become cluttered. Moreover, if you don’t have the app open all the time, you might miss important notifications or comments. To avoid this, an additional notification is a good idea. And what better way to do that than with the most reliable and global service of all – SMS?
Simply put, Trello is a digital pinboard to which tasks, ideas or plans are posted. Especially small and medium-sized businesses use the service. The basic version is free of charge, those who want to activate more additional functions have to pay for it – but the price is quite reasonable. Large companies mostly rely on powerful solutions with more functions. But these cost correspondingly more. Trello is ideal for companies with a limited budget or for individual teams within a company.

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