Liechtenstein launches crypto stamp on the market

Liechtenstein launches crypto stamp on the market

Liechtenstein launches crypto stamp

As early as 2021, the Principality of Liechtenstein introduced its first blockchain-based crypto stamp. Now the second one follows with a special edition.

According to Philately Liechtenstein, the fundamental goal for the publication of crypto stamps was also to make it possible to experience a cultural asset over generations. In addition to the stamp 4.0, which Liechtenstein already published in September 2021, an exceptional publication now finds its way into stamp circulation with the “In memoriam Princess Marie von und zu Liechtenstein”. Princess Marie von und zu Liechtenstein will be the face of the new blockchain stamp, which will be released today, June 7, 2022. Picture by Pixabay In addition, each stamp has a serial number, which is intended to guarantee its uniqueness. Read more Bitcoin News and get the last Bitcoin Price on article source: Liechtenstein launches crypto stamp on the market With the crypto stamps, Liechtenstein is not the first country. These stamps already exist in Austria, Switzerland and the USA. Through an SQR code (Secure-QR-Code), the postage stamp is scannable and reveals further information about the life and work of the princess to the viewer by means of an associated website.
With the help of an authenticity check, the stamp can be assigned to its owner and integrated into the personal data space through the stored blockchain technology.

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