Mobile Messaging 2018: These are the trends for the coming year

Only a short time ago we reported about the 25th anniversary of SMS. And about the fact that extinction is already being discussed in some specialist circles, whereas more and more innovative mobile-message ideas such as fresh vegetables are sprouting from the community and the developers are diligently working on new projects.

A short review of the year

The year is drawing to a close and thus another chapter in the history of mobile messaging. We have experienced a lot: marketing strategies, alerts, 2-factor authentications, etc. How will we ‘text’ in 2018?

As long as the technology of the smartphone continues to evolve, so will SMS, emails, push-up notifications and Co. be part of everyday communication. In parallel with the rapid advances of device and software developers, mobile users have also acquired new affinities. Anyone who wants to keep up should definitely know the possibilities and know how to implement them successfully.
Also, the past year has once again proved that SMS products simply can not be missing. Not when reliable alerting is required, 2-factor authentication needs to be integrated or the marketing department runs all communication tools at full performance to attract, retain and receive feedback from customers.
The expectations for 2018 are accordingly high, both from the point of view of the entrepreneurs and the end users.

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