More than just text: Send diverse messages with SMS attachments

Digital products

On the other hand, there is the content where it is not clear on which device the customers want to use the product. Whitepapers and e-books are good examples here. In these cases, you still benefit from sending them via SMS, because here too, delivery via SMS attachments has a very personal effect. Your recipients can then decide how to save the file and, if in doubt, move it to other devices.
On the one hand, there are products that are consumed on mobile anyway. Mobile presets, podcast episodes or access to community content can easily be sent via SMS to exactly where they are needed: the smartphone of your customers. The simple personalization with placeholders also addresses your recipients personally, which has a positive effect on customer loyalty.
Selling digital products is a big deal today, especially for freelancers and self-employed professionals. E-books, presets, access to closed forums or exclusive audio content, there are many products that are no longer or hardly ever sold in physical form.
Not every digital product can or should be sent in SMS attachments, but in some cases this variant makes more than sense.

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