Number validation: which lookup type suits you best?

Which number validation suits you?

So, in summary, which of our lookup products suits you best depends on what exactly you want to achieve with the lookup.
If you just want to make your database consistent, opt for the number format lookup, which is available to our customers at no extra cost. Since no database is queried here, you should not blindly rely on the rest of the data if you want to use it.
If you are primarily interested in the network operator of the number, you are well advised to use the MNP lookup. You will get less information, but the MNP lookup is cheaper.
You are still not sure which product is best suited for your use case? Send us a message and we will help you figure out what you need.
The CNAM lookup will help you primarily if you want to verify the caller ID of an incoming number or add caller IDs to your database.
If you need comprehensive information or want to validate your contacts directly in our webapp, go for our HLR lookup.

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