Recent Calls for a Digital Euro Bolster the Bitcoin Bull Case

Recent Calls for a Digital Euro Bolster the Bitcoin Bull Case


While CBDCs may be good for Bitcoin on the surface, anti-crypto regulation seems to be mounting, seemingly in anticipation of digital currencies.
In short: an ideological war over self-custody & privacy. ?

Calls for a CBDC Bolster the Bitcoin Bull Case, Analysts Say

A number of moves have been made to regulate Bitcoin and crypto. For one, BitMEX was charged by the U.S. CFTC over derivatives violations while the IRS has begun to mount its crusade against those using digital assets to evade their obligations.

We’ve started exploring the possibility of launching a digital euro. As Europeans are increasingly turning to digital in the ways they spend, save and invest, we should be prepared to issue a digital euro, if needed. I’m also keen to hear your views on it

Ironically, analysts say that the introduction of CDBCs could end up strengthening Bitcoin.
This comes as countries such as China, Canada, and even the U.S. have indicated they are looking into or are launching (in China’s case) their own digital currencies.

— Christine Lagarde (@Lagarde) November 1, 2020

Anti-Crypto Regulation

— Jake Chervinsky (@jchervinsky) October 12, 2020
“I fear we’re heading for a world where withdrawing crypto from exchanges to self-custody is restricted as a means of attacking privacy. We’d have two separate crypto markets: one of “clean”custodial coins & another of “dirty” self-sovereign ones, with no bridge between.”

Bitcoin has been undergone the spotlight over the past few months and years due to some fearing it will contest traditional currencies. Central banks seem to be firing back with their own central bank digital currency projects.

While some say this would eliminate the need for Bitcoin, many don’t think this is the case. Raoul Pal, CEO of Real Vision and a former hedge fund manager, recently said on Youtube that he thinks in a world where CBDCs are prominent, Bitcoin is a lifeboat:
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So instead of getting lost in the details, let’s step back & consider the big picture. What’s really going on here?

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